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What To Do If You Got a Virginia Speeding Ticket

If it is a mere Virginia speeding ticket and your driving record is otherwise flawless, you may handle the fines and ticket on your own and waive your right to a court hearing, unless a court date is specifically required on your ticket. 
It is always advisable, however, to attend your court hearing to try for a reduction or dismissal:

  • Obtain a copy of your Virginia driving record and present it to the judge.  Plead ‘no contest’ and request enrollment in a Virginia Defensive Driving School or Virginia Driver Improvement program.
  • If your request for Virginia Defensive Driving School or a Virginia Driver Improvement program is denied, request a reduction of the charge.  If this request is granted, you will pay reduced fines and have less demerits added to your driving record.
  • If you find that your experience in court was conducted unfairly and you are not satisfied with the outcome, you have the option of appealing your case to the Virginia Circuit Court where your pleas will be heard by a jury of your peers. At this point, you will want to hire an attorney.


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