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Virginia Speed Limits

Using the insight of engineers and various research involving traffic volume, population density, traffic patterns, traffic accidents and more, the Transportation Commissioner is primarily responsible for establishing speed limits across the State of Virginia; however, some towns and certain counties are permitted to establish speed limits within their jurisdiction, as long as the speed limits do not exceed the State speed limits: 

  • The speed limit on most interstates in Virginia is 65 mph outside of urban areas and 55 mph near urban areas and on secondary routes which are numbered 600 and higher
  • When traveling in a business, residential or school zone, the speed limit is 25 mph
  • School zones are indicated by a pentagon-shaped sign or another signal, such as flashing lights
  • In the absence of a sign or signal in School Zones, you are permitted to travel at the posted speed
  • Even when a driver does not see a visibly posted speed limit, the aforementioned speed limits and driving rules must govern your driving speed


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