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How To Beat a Virginia Speeding Ticket

If your Virginia speeding ticket does not carry any other charges and your Virginia driving record is otherwise unmarred, you may consider paying your fine and handling the ticket on your own.  

It is unlikely, however, that you will receive a reprieve from a judge in Virginia traffic court if an officer can prove a reckless driving – speeding in excess of 80 mph over the speed limit ticket; however, you are not completely out of options.  An experienced attorney can plea bargain your case with the Court’s Prosecuting Attorney.  

Virginia Defensive Driving School or Virginia Driver Improvement program enrollment is the likely bargaining chip your attorney will use.  In exchange for your voluntary enrollment in and successful completion of a Virginia Defensive Driving School or Virginia Driver Improvement Program, the Prosecuting Attorney may agree to reduce the charge or dismiss the ticket, depending on the severity of your offense.  Driving University is a Virginia State approved Defensive Driving School and your enrollment will meet the requirements set forth by the court.

It is also possible that you were mistakenly accused of speeding.  While it does not happen often, there are instances of human, mechanical or technical errors resulting in inaccurate readings.  Your attorney will take the proper steps in ensuring that all data is analyzed and read correctly, and this could include calibration of your own speedometer.  That’s right!  Your own speedometer might have told you that your speed was acceptable, but it might have provided a false reading.  This does not make you a ‘reckless’ driver; it is one of the few instances where your violation may have truly been unintentional.  Let an experienced attorney navigate these waters and negotiate appropriate consequences.

It is not likely that you will reap the same results, so be sure to hire an attorney and do your best to fight your ticket.  Just remember that this is a second chance to do the right thing – not a free pass to speed again.

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