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Number of Virginia Red Light Tickets Issued

We’ve all found ourselves saying ‘I ran a red light’ at least once in our lives.  Mistakes do happen, but we need to learn from them and be more attentive on the road.  It should be our goal to never again utter the words ‘I ran a red light.’  Learn from your mistake, because that mistake could be a costly one!

It is estimated that 1 driver runs a red light every 20 minutes in Virginia, and Virginia red light accidents are the most likely accidents to cause serious injury.  An estimated 7,258 crashes occurred at intersections where a driver ran a red light in 2006 which caused at least 25 fatalities and over 3,000 injuries.

Virginia red light violations more than tripled once Virginia suspended the ‘red light camera’ program at intersections across the State.  The study proved that cameras were a deterrent to red light running; however, the number of accidents increased when the cameras were in place.  Virginia continues to search for new ways to deter red light running and decrease the amount of red light tickets issued every year.

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