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Fines for Running a Virginia Red Light

Failure to obey a traffic signal results in a Virginia red light ticket and is a 4-demerit violation in Virginia.  You will also be cited for all other traffic violations that incur, such as failing to yield to a pedestrian, manslaughter, reckless driving and many more infractions that may result from running a red light.  Running red lights or committing traffic violations could result in a ‘habitual offender’ status; your license can be suspended or revoked and you will pay hefty fines in order to earn back your driving privileges.

Along with the addition of demerits to your driving record, a Virginia red light ticket, the many dangers that can occur, the damage you can do to other drivers and pedestrians, and the possibility of Virginia license suspension and revocation, depending on the amount of damage that occurs due to your red light running, you will also pay a fine for your infraction.  Virginia issues a fine of up to $50.00 plus a $62.00 processing fee if you are ticketed for evading a traffic control device.  A fine of $100.00 plus a $62.00 processing fee is issued for failure to obey traffic lights.  An illegal right on red and/or not coming to a complete stop also fall into these fine categories.  Other fines will be imposed if other infractions occur because of your driving behavior and failure to stop at a red light.

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