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Dangers of Running Red Lights

The dangers are many, and the damage can be extensive.  Consider an intersection on a busy roadway where there is excessive pedestrian and motor vehicle traffic – pedestrians and other drivers rely on red lights to proceed safely.  If you run that red light, you have just victimized the many people that have entered the intersection with a false sense of security.  

The likely impact when you run a red light will be something called a ‘t-bone’ impact.  This means that the front end of one motor vehicle directly hits either the driver’s or passenger’s side door in its entirety.  If a driver enters an intersection under the assumption that traffic has stopped in other directions, they have not even braced themselves for the pending ‘t-bone’ impact.  This increases their chances of sustaining serious injury.  

Additionally, pedestrians enter intersections often based solely on the security of the red light.  You will find that most pedestrians do not ‘look both ways’ once a light turns red, so they are relying on you to obey the traffic signals.  As a driver, it is advisable to slow down when approaching any intersection for this reason and to avoid an accident with another driver who might inadvertently run a red light in another direction.  

Proceed with caution at all busy intersections and never, ever speed up at an intersection to try to beat a red light.  The deliberate running of red lights is a serious and all-too-common violation.  

If the traffic light at an intersection is not working properly, the driver on the left must yield to the driver on the right.

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