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Virginia Red Light Cameras

Virginia red light cameras, also called intersection cameras, have proven to be both dangerous and advantageous, but the dangers have proven to outweigh the advantages vastly.

Red light cameras were put in place in Virginia to deter red light runners.  Cameras record the date, the time, the period that lapses between the change in signal and the vehicles position in the crosswalk, the vehicle speed, and the license plate. Based on the photographic evidence, red light runners are caught and a Virginia red light ticket is mailed directly to them.

A 2005 Study showed that incidences of accidents at intersections with red light cameras increased from 8% to 17%.  In a 2007 study, the number of total crashes at red light camera intersections increased to 29%.  Rear-end crashes seemed to be one of the biggest concerns, as drivers were breaking unexpectedly to avoid running a red light. 
Red light cameras have not been abandoned altogether in Virginia.  The State requires that only 1 red light camera be installed per 10,000 people in the surrounding population and highly visible signs must indicate to drivers that a red light camera is operational at an upcoming intersection.  Virginia continues to experiment with their usefulness in deterring violations but remains concerned with the related accidents. 


Dangers of Running Red Lights 

The dangers are many, and the damage can be extensive.  Consider an intersection on a busy roadway where there is excessive pedestrian and motor vehicle traffic – pedestrians and other drivers rely on red lights to proceed safely.  If you run that red light, you have just victimized the many people that have entered the intersection with a false sense of security. Read more...


Number of Virginia Red Light Tickets Issued 

We’ve all found ourselves saying ‘I ran a red light’ at least once in our lives.  Mistakes do happen, but we need to learn from them and be more attentive on the road.  It should be our goal to never again utter the words ‘I ran a red light.’  Learn from your mistake, because that mistake could be a costly one! Read more...


Red Light Camera Locations 

Find a red light camera in your area.


What Are Traffic Lights? 

“I ran a red light.’  This sentence is quickly becoming one of the most dangerous in the spoken language.  Consider the purpose of red lights and the damage one can cause by not obeying driving rules. Read more...


Fines for Running a Virginia Red Light

Failure to obey a traffic signal results in a Virginia red light ticket and is a 4-demerit violation in Virginia.  You will also be cited for all other traffic violations that incur, such as failing to yield to a pedestrian, manslaughter, reckless driving and many more infractions that may result from running a red light.  Running red lights or committing traffic violations could result in a ‘habitual offender’ status; your license can be suspended or revoked and you will pay hefty fines in order to earn back your driving privileges. Read more...

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