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Court ordered enrollment in a VASAP (Virginia Alcohol Safety Action Program) is guaranteed if you are convicted of a Virginia DUI.  Similar to Virginia Defensive Driving/Traffic School, this program is designed to help remediate offenders and even has preventative programs in place for the youth of Virginia; the difference, however, is that VASAP specializes in alcohol-related driving remediation, whereas Virginia Defensive Driving/Traffic Schools, such as Driving University, deal with a larger spectrum of traffic violations.

Virginia DUI offenders are required to report to their local VASAP within 15 days of the court order. VASAP then provides a court-ordered initial evaluation and makes recommendations for the treatment of the offender.  Depending on the severity of the offense and/or the severity of the alcohol problem, offenders will be placed in the appropriate level program.  Successful completion of a VASAP program ensures that an offender has been rehabilitated and educated.  Ideally, the offender will have a new, healthy perspective on the dangers of drinking and driving and will avoid this behavior in the future.

VASAP is funded entirely by the fees and fines paid by offenders.  It is also a good idea to enroll in a Virginia Defensive Driving/Traffic School like Driving University once you have satisfied all other court requirements.  Because your Virginia DUI conviction was reported to your insurance company, your insurance company is required to provide you with a high-risk insurance policy called an SR-22.  This is costly, and it’s likely that your insurance company will simply ‘drop you.’  Once you have abided by the rules, sought rehabilitation and made a commitment to put your dangerous driving behavior behind you, you will have to seek out other insurance companies.  Voluntary enrollment in Driving University might show an insurance company that you are making strides to be a more conscientious driver, thereby improving your chances of receiving insurance coverage in the future.  Remember – Virginia Defensive Driving School is a good idea, regardless of your situation, because it will help you to return to the basics of driving and get a better handle on your driving behavior, in general. 

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