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Implied Consent

When you were issued a driver’s license by the Virginia DMV, you understood that this license came with responsibility.  Therefore, you gave ‘implied consent’ to the State to test you for DUI and to suspend or revoke your Virginia driver’s license in light of an offense that broke your unwritten contract to drive.  

Implied consent means that you did not have to sign a paper or verbally agree to anything prior to being pulled over.  If you drove a vehicle, you were subjected to the laws governing the road.  The fact that you undertook the responsibility of driving means that you understood the consequences that would result if you violated this contract and that you consented to being tested if the need should ever arise.

For this reason, the Virginia DMV imposes its own fines and suspensions when you are arrested for a DUI.  These fines and suspensions are mandatory and vary with the degree and frequency of the offense. 

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