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DWI Laws

A BAC Level stands for Blood Alcohol Concentration level.  When you are tested for your BAC level, you are being tested to determine the amount of alcohol in your blood.  In Virginia, a BAC of 0.08 will earn you a trip to the police station because you are considered legally drunk and driving under the influence.  While the most significant and consistent impairments are seen at approximately a 0.05 BAC level, a BAC level as low as 0.02 can spur visual impairment in some people.

A BAC of 0.08 is not the only indicator used to determine whether or not you are DUI.  If an officer feels that your driving is impaired and you are showing signs of impairment including lack of coordination, lack of reasonable judgment and altered response time, then your BAC does not have to reach 0.08 in order to deem you DUI.  If there is proof that you were drinking or are under the influence of illegal or prescription drugs, you are going to be arrested.

Virginia is tough on drivers who drive under the influence of drugs or alcohol and no concessions will be made on your behalf.  This is not a mere Virginia traffic violation; it is a Criminal Offense and you will be taken into custody on-the-spot.  The consequences that will ensue are costly, and being cited for the offense on-the-spot is the just beginning of your worries.  Are you thinking about refusing a breath test if you’re ever in that situation?  Think again!  Refusing the breath test is a Virginia misdemeanor.

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