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DWI Costs

Monetarily speaking, the cost of a Virginia DUI is high.  As mentioned earlier, you will pay fines associated with the degree and frequency of your arrest and conviction, but the costs do not end there.

In addition to the mandatory fines, you will incur court costs.  These are costs paid for processing fees, for example.  Also, you are advised to hire an attorney, so you are incurring his per hour fees, also.  You will be ordered to enroll in VASAP, which carries a cost of $300.00.  Finally, if you cause an alcohol-related accident, you will pay restitution up to $1,000 for the emergency service responders.  Did you injure or kill someone in this accident?  You can count on a rise in your insurance premium, if your insurance company does not ‘drop you’ altogether, and you might be facing down the barrel of a massive lawsuit.  The true cost here was someone else’s life!

It does not end there.  Assuming your driver’s license is suspended, you will be responsible for any fees associated with the reinstatement of your license, once that time arrives.  Additionally, you must take into account the amount you might lose in wages if you are not able to transport yourself to and from work.  Consequently, you’ve racked up all of these fines and court fees, and now you might lose your job.  You should be asking yourself right about now, ‘was that drink really worth it?’

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