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DWI Attorneys

When Do You Need an Attorney?

Immediately!  You have only a short amount of time to request a hearing with the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles, and you want to do this before your license is automatically suspended or revoked.  If an Attorney does this on your behalf immediately following the arrest, you may retain your driving privileges until the hearing.  

Virginia DUI Attorneys are experienced in these matters and, with the severe consequences you are facing, you will need their expertise.  There are ways in which to prove Breath Tests invalid and physical evidence can be disproved, but you cannot do this on your own.  You are in serious trouble here, and you require a Virginia Attorney that will handle your case with the urgency it deserves.


Services of DUI Attorneys – What is the Legal Process of a DUI charge?

As noted earlier, the Virginia DMV imposes mandatory suspensions as soon as you are arrested for a Virginia DUI.  You have a limited time to appeal this suspension by requesting a hearing with the Virginia DMV.  Your attorney may be able to help you retain your driving privileges until your court hearing.

Your Attorney will council you on the legal process and the possible outcomes of your case.  You will be advised on the best course of action and defense. At your hearing, an Attorney will dispute evidence brought forth by the Commonwealth’s Prosecuting Attorney.  The burden of proof lies on the Prosecuting Attorney, and your Attorney should be experienced at disproving the evidence brought forth.  If your Attorney is successful, the best case scenario will bring a dismissal of the charges against you.  At the very least, our Attorney may be able to bargain with the Prosecutor or argue for a lesser charge in court.


Costs of an Attorney

Costs will vary, depending on the Attorney you hire.  Some Virginia DUI Attorneys will provide a consultation free of charge, others will begin charging you the moment you enter their office, and still others may not require payment until the case is settled. It is not advisable to search for the cheapest Attorney in Virginia.  This is a serious charge and, although an experienced Virginia Attorney may cost you up-front, he or she can save you thousands of dollars in the long-run.

It is typical to pay approximately $2,000 in legal fees, but this cost could be significantly higher if your case is especially complicated. If you cannot afford an attorney and you meet specific low-income requirements, the court will appoint a Virginia DUI Attorney on your behalf.  


Risks of Not Having a Virginia DUI Attorney

Without a Virginia DUI Attorney, the Virginia DMV and the court will likely hit you with the harshest penalties.  Also, if you feel you have been unjustly accused, it is unlikely that you will have any success defending yourself.  Your Attorney will know which areas and evidence to dispute.  

Without a Virginia DUI Attorney, it is very possible that you will suffer consequences at your place of employment.  You are facing immediate license suspension from the Virginia DMV, and this will further cost you in lost wages because you will lack transportation to and from work.  Your Attorney can fight for restricted driving privileges and avoid this complication.  


Benefits of Having a Virginia DUI Attorney

Reduced fines, reduced sentencing, avoidance of license suspension – there are many benefits of hiring an experienced Virginia DUI Attorney.

A Virginia DUI Attorney understands the legal process and begins fighting on your behalf immediately upon hiring him or her.  As a first mode of action, an Attorney can request a hearing with the Virginia DMV to avoid license suspension or to request restricted driving privileges, thereby allowing you to commute back and forth to work.

In court, your Attorney can argue the evidence brought forth by the Prosecuting Attorney and fight for a lesser charge or to have the charges dismissed altogether.  This can result in reduced or dismissed fines, reduced or dismissed jail time, and reduced or dismissed demerits.

A Virginia DUI Attorney knows the legal system and understands the legal process.  He or she stands a very good chance of prevailing on your behalf.  Without an Attorney, you could be facing fines and penalties that can potentially ruin your life.

Virginia DUI Attorneys

Virginia DUI Attorneys are in abundance; however, they range in expertise, experience and cost.  It is best to do some comparison before committing to one.  Many Virginia DUI Attorneys have well-developed websites for you to research, but it is always best to speak to one personally before committing to their services.

There are many ways for you to find an experienced Virginia DUI Attorney.  The phone book has contacts for numerous Virginia DUI Attorneys; however, it may be difficult to do extensive research on them unless they have a website. Word-of-mouth is often a good way to find an experienced Virginia DUI Attorney, but it is still advisable to do your own research, also.

Finally, the courts can put you in touch with a network of Virginia DUI Attorneys who will work on your behalf. 
Also, it is advisable to do your own personal research on a Virginia DUI Attorney.  How many DUI cases have they handled?  How successful are they?  How long have they been in practice?  Do they have references? These are important factors to consider before hiring any Attorney.

Finally, a court appointed Virginia DUI Attorney may be free of charge; however, they may not be the best ‘man’ for the job.  If this is your only option, it is still best to do your research and get a feel for the Attorney.  If time permits, do your own research on the laws governing DUI arrests in the State of Virginia.  While having an excellent Virginia DUI Attorney is essential, it is also important to be informed and knowledgeable about the consequences you are facing.

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