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What Information is Contained in your Driving Record?

The Virginia DMV keeps track of both positive and negative marks you acquire behind the wheel of a car.  Positive marks, called safe-driving points, are accumulated at the rate of 1-per-year for every year that a driver remains accident and violation free.  Safe-driving points can also be accumulated at the rate of 5 per voluntary completion of a Virginia Defensive Driving course.  On the other hand, your Virginia Driving Record might reveal demerits.  Demerits are accumulated when you commit a traffic offense.  The amount of demerits you receive for a Virginia traffic offense will vary, depending of the severity of the offense.  Demerits are an indication that you have been convicted of a Virginia traffic offense.  

Also on your Virginia Driving Record are traffic convictions of a more serious nature such as vehicular manslaughter, reckless driving and DUI’s.  License revocations and suspensions are also housed on your Virginia Driving Record, as well as motor vehicle accidents, in some cases.  

Finally, your Virginia Driving Record contains personal information such as your birth date, social security number and driver’s license number.  For this reason, only you or authorized officials have access to it, pursuant to the Federal Drivers Protection Act of 1994. If a potential employer, for example, requires a copy of your Virginia Driving Record, you have to provide written consent in order for them to obtain it.

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