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Virginia Online Driving School offers instruction in valuable skills that will help you to become a safe driver.  You are afforded the convenience of completing the course from the comfort of your home and at times that are convenient for you. Virginia Online Driving School does not satisfy your Virginia Drivers Education requirements, nor does it teach you how to drive; instead, it is added assurance that you are a skillful and competent driver.  After you have obtained your permanent driver’s license, online driving school is an efficient and enjoyable way to earn safe-driving points on your Virginia driving record and to possibly reduce your insurance premium.

Driving University’s driving course is Virginia State approved and the content is specific to the Virginia DMV requirements and areas of emphasis.  All too often, drivers underestimate the power of their vehicle and the dangers that quietly lurk around every turn.  Driving University uses specialized content, videos and multiple-choice quizzes to engage you in a meaningful, relevant driver safety course that conveys passion and immediacy on every page.  Whether you are personally seeking to enhance your driving skills, are seeking a reduction in insurance premiums, or you have been court ordered to enroll in a driving safety course, Driving University can return you to the road with the knowledge and skills you need to become a welcomed driver in Virginia.  

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