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Drivers Ed Curriculum

According to the Virginia Driver Education Standards of Learning for Virginia Public Schools, Drivers Ed students will be instructed in several core areas.  Instruction is delivered over 36 classroom periods and 14 in-car instruction periods, 7 of which are spent observing and 7 of which are spent behind-the-wheel.

Instructors will facilitate safe driving attitudes and teach appropriate identification of and response to hazards in the driving environment.  Also, students will be taught to become familiar with their own vehicles and to implement safe management of these vehicles in order to reduce risky driving behavior and develop safe driving strategies.  Response to inconsistent driving environments is emphasized in the Virginia Drivers Ed. program, as are driver alertness, driver distractions, occupant protection and conscientious and considerate interactions with other drivers.  Students are made aware of the physical and psychological conditions that may affect them as drivers and are taught strategies to enhance driver performance.  Finally, students will apply basic driving skills in low-to-moderate traffic environments and advance to more complex traffic situations in order to develop behind-the-wheel skill proficiency.  Simulation and other technologies that will enhance student learning may also be incorporated into the curriculum.

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