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Difference Between Virginia Defensive Driving and Virginia Drivers Education

Driver Improvement Clinics and Defensive Driving School serve a very different purpose than State mandated Driver Education and Driving School courses, which are required of all new drivers under the age of 18.  Enrollment in a Defensive Driving course or in Traffic School might be a personal decision to improve your own driver awareness, or your enrollment might be mandated by the court as a stipulation of your driver improvement program or ticket dismissal.  


What Agency Regulates the Course Content and Requirements?

The Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles is dedicated to driver improvement through instruction in defensive driving, and they are committed to ensuring the safety of all motor vehicle drivers and passengers.  In fact, the Commonwealth of Virginia is the only State that mandates the delivery of lessons geared toward the prevention of road-rage and aggressive driving!  For these reasons and more, the Virginia DMV regulates state-approved Virginia Defensive Driving School and Driver Improvement Clinics. With Driving University as the Virginia DMV’s approved course provider, you’re sure to meet and exceed Virginia’s stringent driver expectations!  We ensure that our content is specific to the requirements set-forth by the State of Virginia and that you will have met your requirements upon successful completion of our course.


Ticket Dismissal and Virginia Online Defensive Driving School

There is a way, however, for drivers 20 years old and older to combat the ill-effects of a traffic violation and to earn a second chance at bettering their driving skills. Computer-based Virginia Driver Improvement Clinics and online Virginia Defensive Driving School will not satisfy a requirement if you under 20 years old; in this case, you must attend a Virginia Driver Improvement Clinic in a classroom setting.  For drivers 20 years of age and older, however, the court may allow you to enroll in an online Virginia Driver Improvement Clinic or Virginia Defensive Driving School in lieu of a traffic fine or traffic violation.  The online Virginia Defensive Driving School option is convenient and, given the severe consequences and financial repercussions of a traffic violation in Virginia, it is well worth your time to petition the court with this request.  

As you can see, earning safe driving points is relatively easy for the safety-conscious driver and for the driver who commits himself to Virginia Driver Improvement Clinics and Virginia Defensive Driving School; however, demerits are assigned to an individual’s driving record when a traffic violation is committed and can, conversely, raise insurance premiums, result in hefty fines and potentially lead to license suspension.  Different violations carry a different amount of demerits, depending on the seriousness of the traffic violation.  Points remain valid for 2 years and the Virginia DMV notifies your insurance company.


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