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Risks of Not Having Auto Insurance

This is a very unwise decision!  While you may boast a clean driving record, you must remember that there are hazardous drivers on the road and that an accident can occur at any time.  Be sure you are covered by at least the minimum Virginia auto insurance coverage allowable in the State of Virginia to guard you and your family from an unfortunate turn-of-events.  Also, while you do have the option of paying a fee and waiving auto insurance on a vehicle in Virginia, this is not advisable.  You, and only you, will pay every penny for vehicle, medical and property damages if you are in a car accident.   Do you own a home?  There is a very good chance that it will be used for payment in the event that you cannot pay for these damages out-of-pocket.  Why put your life, your family or your property at risk?  Look into obtaining minimum liability auto insurance to protect yourself and others.

Even worse than not having Virginia auto insurance coverage is lying about your coverage to the Virginia DMV!  This is highly unadvisable!  Falsely reporting insurance coverage to the DMV will result in fines and suspension of your registration and driving privileges.  You will incur further costs in an attempt to rectify the situation and have your driving and registration privileges reinstated. 

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