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Levels of Auto Insurance

The minimum level of auto insurance you are required to carry will vary from State-to-State; however, it is important to take into consideration the costs you will incur if you are involved in a motor vehicle accident.  In Virginia, it is totally acceptable to cover your vehicles at the minimum auto insurance coverage allowable; however, minimum coverage might not cover you completely, which means that you might incur some of the cost.

For example, if you take out the minimum coverage of $20,000 for property damage and do more than $20,000 worth of property damage, you will be solely and personally responsible for the remaining costs incurred.  For this reason, it might be worth your time and peace-of-mind to look into more coverage on liability and/or to combine other types of coverage. While the addition of coverage and/or increased liability coverage will cost you in your premium, it is well worth the expense if you have a new or teen driver operating one or your vehicles.  Discuss this with your auto insurance company and make informed decisions.  Your Virginia auto insurance is not the ideal place to ‘cut-corners,’ so choose coverage levels that suit your specific situation.

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